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An expedition by sea kayak is one of the best ways to explore the west coast. The combination of journeying through stunning seascapes, exploring islands and sea lochs, and camping in secluded spots night after night is bound to create an unforgettable experience.

Our expeditions cater to paddlers of all levels, including complete beginners. Each trip will be unique and specifically chosen to make the best of the conditions, the location and suit the paddlers on the trip.

All of our expeditions include all the paddling equipment and specialist clothing needed to enjoy your trip. A full kit list will be provided at the time of booking.

All our expeditions can be combined with day trips as well as courses to suit you!

So many islands, so much coastline!

With over 900 islands and 11,000 miles of coastline, Scotland has enough kayaking to inspire a lifetime on the water. The west coast in particular is a wonderland of mountains and sea lochs, rocks and stacks, remote, uninhabited places and welcoming coastal communities. These combine to create a seascape of breathtaking beauty made even richer by the wildlife, history, geology and culture you find along the way.

The variety of islands and coastlines on the west coast means that we can plan an expedition to suit all interests, abilities and motivations. From challenging circumnavigations and open crossings to cruising in lochs and island hopping, the west coast has it all!



We think the camping is as enjoyable a part of an expedition as the paddling. After landing in a secluded bay, setting up a tent in a spot with the best view, exploring the area, cooking with the sound of seabirds calling in the distance, watching the sun go down over the sea and nestling into a sleeping bag listening to the sea, there is nothing better than going to sleep knowing that you will do the same again tomorrow.

Scotland's access laws allow wild camping in remote areas of the coast so long as we are responsible and respectful. This means we have a wealth of options when looking for an ideal place to stay the night and can easily vary the distances we want to paddle as well as find the right mix of sheltered water and excitement for the group.


The journey

Sea kayakers have been described as 'nomads of the sea' as all they need can be fitted neatly (and with some skill) into their small craft, allowing them to wake up each day to a different view and with a new coastline to explore. The rhythm of an expedition and the time taken lends itself to exploration, getting to know the unique personalities of the islands and shorelines along the way.

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